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The pros and cons of shopping malls


Malls have become central parts of our social lives. They are not only a place where you can renew your clothes, follow the latest trends or eat fantastic foods, but they also have become the focal point of our meetings. We go on dates there, we break up at the mall, and we meet our friends to gossip and to have fun.

These large structures give back a lot to the community, as they employ many people to represent the biggest brands. But at the same time, things are not always what they seem. Malls can as well be a temptation that allures you into overspending, and into buying stuff you don’t need. And since they are supplied by the biggest retail stores, malls can also drive into extinction smaller local shops.

One main disadvantage is that these places are always crowded. If you want to resolve something quick, and maybe get a moment of peace while enjoying your favorite dish at the food court, it will be very hard to do since they are super busy with people looking to do the same thing. And this worsens during the holidays and other unique occasions when people are trying to do their last minute gift shopping.

But at the same time, malls have a massive advantage over traditional shops or even over online sellers. And that is the fact that they have a variety of shops to choose from. There you can find anything from books to kitchen appliances. And one thing most people appreciate is that you can see the products live, and that you can try them on without having to wait for the delivery man.

If you are someone who loses patience very easily, then you know just how stressful it is to find a parking spot in a popular place. And, unfortunately, shopping malls are some of the worse when it comes to available parking spaces. But the struggle is worth it, especially if you are planning to buy a lot of stuff, so you will save a lot of time by not having to go to different shops across the town.

Another significant advantage of malls is the frequency with which the big brands have sales. If you go to a mall often enough, you might find products that are cheaper than online. Since they offer high-class models, the sum of money you save can be substantial, and could even fund your next holiday.

So, the truth is, shopping malls have good parts and not so good ones as well. But they’re here to stay and to provide us with a gathering place for our social needs. It is essential to have a place where the community can come together and create bounds that make us feel human, but at the same time, we have to pay attention to the price they require.


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