Senior stuff December 5, 2018 Lucy No comments

Seniors Are Becoming More Tech-Savvy

  It is no mystery that Millennials were born in an era where technology made huge progress in a short period, resulting in a wide array of gadgets and devices used both for entertaining and for easing our lives. And what most of the Millennials experienced well in their teenage years or young adulthood, Generation […]

Kid's stuff October 14, 2018 Lucy No comments

Amazing presents for 2-year olds

  Two-year-olds might have a bad reputation for being too demanding and difficult to handle but they make us forget all the torture because they are also funny and incredibly adorable creatures. If you happen to have a baby boy or girl or one of your friends is preparing a small birthday party and you […]

Shopping August 27, 2018 Lucy No comments

The pros and cons of shopping malls

  Malls have become central parts of our social lives. They are not only a place where you can renew your clothes, follow the latest trends or eat fantastic foods, but they also have become the focal point of our meetings. We go on dates there, we break up at the mall, and we meet […]