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Seniors Are Becoming More Tech-Savvy


It is no mystery that Millennials were born in an era where technology made huge progress in a short period, resulting in a wide array of gadgets and devices used both for entertaining and for easing our lives. And what most of the Millennials experienced well in their teenage years or young adulthood, Generation Z is exploring since the earliest stages of life.

Gen Z mainly refers to children born from the mid-1990s and mid-2000s who grew up surrounded by technology and, therefore, are comfortable with the Internet and social media.

Unfortunately, our parents and grandparents didn’t have the same possibilities growing up, which makes them more reluctant to everything that starts with “smart” or “Wi-Fi.” The good news is that they’ve started catching up and, as generations are shifting, we’re noticing an increased interest by seniors toward technology.




Only fifty years ago not all of us owned a color TV, and now we cannot imagine our lives without our smartphones, tablets, laptops, and social media platforms.

According to a survey and a study conducted by the PEW Research Center ever since the young ages of the Internet, only 14% of seniors used the Internet at the beginning of the 2000s. Seventeen years after, the same survey reported that 51% of the senior American citizens had a high-speed Internet connection in their homes.

We notice an ascendant trend towards smartphones as well. These devices have become increasingly popular in the past few years, as nearly 42% of seniors claimed they own such a device in 2017.

Education is also relevant as those who held a bachelor’s degree or a high education degree had higher incomes that allowed them to afford newer technologies such as a smartphone or a good computer for seniors.

Last but not least, age plays an important role in determining which adults are more tech-savvy. According to the same survey, 59% of the seniors up to 69 years old owned a smartphone as opposed to only 17% of those who were 80 years old or more.


Tips to better integrate technology in your life as a senior

However, lower incomes or age shouldn’t stop you from trying new things and embracing the wonders of new technologies. Here is how to overcome your fear and learn how to use a computer or a smartphone even if you’re well into your 70s.

The first step is not to be afraid to reach out. Ask your children or grandchildren to help you better understand how to operate a smart device. This could also translate into a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with your grandchildren doing something they are passionate about too.

Secondly, you should write down all the steps. Don’t forget that, depending on your age, it takes between 80 and 120 identical actions to create a new habit for your brain. The good news is that you have a lot of spare time on your hands.

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Amazing presents for 2-year olds


Two-year-olds might have a bad reputation for being too demanding and difficult to handle but they make us forget all the torture because they are also funny and incredibly adorable creatures. If you happen to have a baby boy or girl or one of your friends is preparing a small birthday party and you need some cool gift suggestions, you’ve come to the right place.

Even when us adults were small babies, we were fascinated by the dinosaur world. Nowadays, toddlers are no different because both boys and girls love to play with rolling herds of dinosaurs. The best part is that with this herd you get a pack of dinosaurs, each modeled to resemble a real prehistoric animal. Basically, your little one will get familiar from an early age with a brontosaurus, a triceratops, a stegosaurus, and of course, the mighty T-Rex.

Every toy from this set comes in bright colors with perched wheels. Since they have a perfect size, not too small nor too big, they are ideal for two-year-olds. These toys are easy to grip and they encourage the development of all sorts of skills, including imagination and science. Kids will love racing the dinosaurs and making different mind-blowing scenarios. Parents can play with them because the kingdom of dinosaurs always needs extra soldiers.

All children are obsessed with building and stacking things. You can make toddlers extremely happy with a big building bag that contains 80 pieces of mega blocks, ready to be used for various infant creations.

In addition, each block is brightly colored and has the ideal size to fit in the small hand of a two-year-old baby. Because of this, they allow the children to think and create different designs all with the help of their tiny, adorable hands.

From castles, bridges to cars and boats, they can build anything they desire because the fantasies never stop. There’s no limit to the things they can create thanks to this set of blocks.

The reason why many parents like the idea of getting this type of gift is that it stimulates the child imagination but also engineering, architectural, and motor skills. All of them with one simple bag of blocks.

So, if you’re looking for a cool gift for a 2 year old kid, this might catch your attention because it’s easy to pack when going on a holiday and to clean up.

If you have a large apartment or your own a house, you might be tempted to get a tent with a tunnel. These can serve as a rocket ship, castle, tent or hiding spot. It’s best to let children have their own private area where only invited friends and family can enter. This develops trust and sets the boundaries for many rules to follow.


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Several toddler learning toys every mom should consider


Toddlers are in a constant desire to learn about the things the surrounds them. Because they grow so fast in this period, they need special toys that can help them through the process. As a parent, you should focus on items that teach babies important aspects such as walking, writing, and counting. It’s great if you can find toys that have an educational feature because not only to kids feel entertained but they also spend their time preparing for the real world.

If you want to find some cool learning toddlers that are fun and engaging, you should start by looking for online products that can make playtime a great learning experience for every toddler out there.

For example, wooden blocks are an excellent idea if you want an eco-friendly toy that helps children develop their imagination, along with several other talents. You can purchase solid wood building blocks that come with a wooden storage tray.

Apparently, there’s nothing more satisfying for a toddler than hearing the sound of a bunch of wooden block tumbling all over the room. With the help of this wooden block set, they have the possibility to build interesting concepts like towers, bridges, and office buildings while learning basic math and having loads of fun.

A kit of this kind contains 60 pieces made of natural wood. Each one is smoothed down in order to prevent splinters which means your baby is safe to play with it. Because the kit is outfitted with more than just standard squares and rectangles, toddlers that build complex designs using the circular pillars, harl circles, and arches, all included in the set.

This toy is suitable for kids starting with eh age of 3 up until 5 but older ones can play as well because it’s a fun and interactive way to teach them about organizational skills and spatial relations.

If you’re searching for something with a modern twist, you might want to consider an activity desk packed with numerous educational stuff that boasts the touchscreen technology. If your precious one has reached the age of two, you can think of this toy as an extraordinary way to keep him or her occupied and entertained.

The product boasts bright colors that are attractive for every kid. The desk is small sized, ideal for toddlers. On top of this, this interactive desk is outfitted with five learning pages that teach kids about counting, numbers, letters, colors, and fruits. Furthermore, extra expansion packs are available if you pay a small fee.

Another great way to teach your toddler is via a learning kit that has a wide array of methods that help parents implement toddler knowledge about basic things. You’ve got flashcard, posters, boards, and puzzles that will keep any baby interested.


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The pros and cons of shopping malls


Malls have become central parts of our social lives. They are not only a place where you can renew your clothes, follow the latest trends or eat fantastic foods, but they also have become the focal point of our meetings. We go on dates there, we break up at the mall, and we meet our friends to gossip and to have fun.

These large structures give back a lot to the community, as they employ many people to represent the biggest brands. But at the same time, things are not always what they seem. Malls can as well be a temptation that allures you into overspending, and into buying stuff you don’t need. And since they are supplied by the biggest retail stores, malls can also drive into extinction smaller local shops.

One main disadvantage is that these places are always crowded. If you want to resolve something quick, and maybe get a moment of peace while enjoying your favorite dish at the food court, it will be very hard to do since they are super busy with people looking to do the same thing. And this worsens during the holidays and other unique occasions when people are trying to do their last minute gift shopping.

But at the same time, malls have a massive advantage over traditional shops or even over online sellers. And that is the fact that they have a variety of shops to choose from. There you can find anything from books to kitchen appliances. And one thing most people appreciate is that you can see the products live, and that you can try them on without having to wait for the delivery man.

If you are someone who loses patience very easily, then you know just how stressful it is to find a parking spot in a popular place. And, unfortunately, shopping malls are some of the worse when it comes to available parking spaces. But the struggle is worth it, especially if you are planning to buy a lot of stuff, so you will save a lot of time by not having to go to different shops across the town.

Another significant advantage of malls is the frequency with which the big brands have sales. If you go to a mall often enough, you might find products that are cheaper than online. Since they offer high-class models, the sum of money you save can be substantial, and could even fund your next holiday.

So, the truth is, shopping malls have good parts and not so good ones as well. But they’re here to stay and to provide us with a gathering place for our social needs. It is essential to have a place where the community can come together and create bounds that make us feel human, but at the same time, we have to pay attention to the price they require.